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Recent Laws to Consider

January 12, 2023

As of January 1, 2023 sibling are now covered under New York's Paid Family Leave law.  Remember, PFL is for dependents medical/health reasons, not the employee's.  

The Division of Human Rights now has a harassment assistance hotline that employees can call to receive counsel 800-427-2773.

New York State has some new employment posters that need to be displayed. In addition, employers are now required to give employees access to all postings via email or on the employer's web site.

Although it is a "behind the scenes" thing, New York has a law that enhances protections for employees who take legally protected absences.  So remember,  you cannot discipline employees for taking PSL time, for example.

My Opinion

January 12, 2023

An employer's ability to be in compliance isn't getting easier; it is getting more difficult. 


Most politicians that think of these new laws don't understand the day to day operations of business and the impact those laws have on employers. For example, the new law that requires employers to provide employment posters via email or on their website.  Not every employee has email and not every employer has website capabilities to post what do we do now?  No answer.


If employees put as much effort into doing their job as they do complaining and trying to beat the system, we would be a much more productive society.  


That's all for now folks!   

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