New York Paid Sick Leave

New York Paid Sick Leave (PSL) is NOT the same as New York COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave.

PSL is a paid leave program mandated by New York State.  The employer's employee count and in some cases, net income, drives what the employer has to do with regard to paying the employee sick pay.  Included in that sick pay is "safe leave".  Employees can  take this mandatory time off for their own sickness and the sickness of designated individuals, and for purposes of domestic violence.  The regulations define the requirements.

COVID-19 paid sick leave is to be used for quarantine situations only.  Quarantine orders must be issued by the appropriate government entity (such as the Department of Health).  Quarantine orders from doctors, or an employee self-quarantining does not count.

FFCRA (Families First Corona Virus Act) pay has expired UNLESS the employer decided to voluntarily continue it.  

Employers should consult with their tax professional regarding continuance because if employers continue the pay (EPSL - Emergency Paid Sick Leave), there may be some tax benefits to doing so.

For sure this is all confusing, FFCRA, PSL, COVID-19 paid sick leave, the ADA, EEOC, FMLA, PFL, and more.  If I can offer one  sentence of advice, that would be "don't assume anything" and please, be careful when accessing a web site for information.  Sometimes what you access is only the tip of the iceberg.