New York Paid Sick Leave

March 21, 2022

New York Paid Sick Leave (PSL) is NOT the same as New York COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave.

PSL is a paid leave program mandated by New York State.  The employer's employee count and in some cases, net income, drives what the employer is required to do with regard to providing employee sick pay.  Included in that sick pay is "safe leave".  Employees can  take this mandatory time off for their own sickness and the sickness of designated individuals, and for purposes of domestic violence.  The regulations define the requirements.

COVID-19 paid sick leave is to be used for quarantine and isolation situations only.  Employees may received pay for up to three orders; the second two must be accompanied by a positive test result.

A Word about COVID

March 21, 2022

COVID is still very real.  Whether we support mandatory vaccinations, or don't believe in any vaccinations, as businesses there are rules to follow.  One of the problems is that we don't always know what rule(s) to follow!  You have the CDC (which has no enforcement authority); the NYS Department of Health (which sometimes adopts the CDC's recommendations); and the New York State Department of Labor (which has enforcement authority for some things).  Add to that, County Health Departments and more!

Every time there is a COVID related situation, I urge you to consider all facets of what I call COVID management.  Don't assume that just because you follow CDC recommendations that you are in compliance with NYS law.