Prior to establishing Strategic Management Solutions in 2001, Principal/Owner Kathy Barany, directed the human resources function for a variety of Central New York businesses. Kathy has her PHR certification; a Master Certificate from the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and her Bachelor’s Degree from Empire State College.  

Her education is continual so she can ensure she keeps well-informed of the latest regulations and HR practices, thus being able to offer her clients expert guidance.

Our Philosophy 

Effective consulting isn't about advancing our agenda; it is about meeting your needs, and helping you determine what those needs are.  We put our heart and soul into every assignment we accept and every client we have; your company becomes our company.


You can count on us to:

  • Provide excellent service.

  • Be the experts in our field.

  • Listen to you.

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities in your business.

  • Identify creative and cost-effective approaches.

  • Educate you as to the pros and cons of the options you might select.

  • Partner with you on implementation, crafting a plan that meets your timetables.

  • Increase your understanding of, and compliance with, employment related legal issues.

  • Recommend competent vendors for additional services you might need, including group insurances.

A personal message from Kathy:

I am blessed with my business, my health, my family, and a wonderful circle of friends.  I cannot extend my appreciation enough to the clients I have had over the years, and those to come in the future.  

This web site was created by me.  One of the things I pride myself on is stepping outside of that proverbial box and always challenging myself to learn.  The more I learn, the more valuable I can be to my clients, and others.  

I practice the learning philosophy in my personal life also.  I received my degree "later in life."  It was a very proud moment for me, and to have my parents witness it was indescribable.  

In both my professional and personal life I operate with the highest level of integrity and employ ethical values.  

Help me continue my journey of learning and let me put my knowledge to work for you.

With humble thanks.      Kathy


It Depends

So what's with the "it depends" sign above?  So many HR decisions "depend" on the surrounding circumstances.  We explore those circumstances before we dispense information and guidance.  We want to make sure we understand what has happened so we can guide you as to what might happen.


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