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A New Chapter

March 2024

It was August 2001 when Strategic Management Solutions came to be.  It has been scary and thrilling, challenging and rewarding, and a bunch of other descriptive terms.  For almost 23 years I have offered a variety of human resource services that have supported my clients in their quest for success. In return, I have been rewarded with success in building the business.  

It is time to open a new chapter.  That new chapter is called retirement.  Effective June 1st I will officially be retiring from the human resources consulting business.  I may, however, come out of retirement very temporarily to do two things I love doing (1) Training and (2) Workplace Investigations.  

However, it won't be often as I will be spending time with my 93-year-old Mom and pursuing a variety of personal interests without work getting in the way!

Limited Services

Workplace Investigations

  • Sexual Harassment including hostile work environment.

  • Investigations to respond to Human Rights and EEOC complaints, including discrimination.

  • Internal employee issues, including relationships and mediation. 


  • Harassment Prevention

  • Diversity and Sensitivity

  • Communications

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Managing Change

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Interviewing and Selection

  • Ethics

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