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Wage and Salary Programs

Many organizations need a formal program to help manage, administer and control payroll costs. Only the smallest organizations can get by with informal pay programs.  Job evaluation plays a critical role in developing a formal wage and salary administration program. Through job evaluation, jobs are priced objectively--based on their relative value to your organization and also their value in the labor market.

A wage and salary administration program includes these major benefits:

  • Provides better payroll and compensatoin cost control
  • Offers compensation opportunities in line with a position's relative worth
  • A merit-based pay system based on performance
  • Motivates people to better serve organizational objectives
  • Ensures objective, fair performance and salary administration

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on being able to assess the needs of your organization and design a system that will work for you!

SMS uses several approaches to determining the relative worth of your organization's jobs. Whatever system we use, we price a sampling of benchmark jobs--using data from local, regional and national governmental and industry sources--to determine the range of compensation for similar jobs.

At the base of any formal program is the need for clearly defined position descriptions, which we develop as part of the project if not already available.

Our comprehensive program can provide position descriptions, job evaluation plans, job grades and ranks, benchmark job prices, recommended pay grades and salary ranges, performance appraisal systems, and policies and procedures for implementation and maintenance. You end up with a Total Compensation Guide that will take the mystery and guess-work out of managing your wages and salaries.

Our programs do not come pre-packaged; we will put together a program that will work for you.