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Succession Planning

SMS provides impartial, professional assistance with succession planning and key staffing decisions, along with a road-map for team development. We can help you define functional and reporting relationships and build a program to carry that forward or flex to meet the changes your business might go through.

Our Approach

We begin by talking to you about the business needs and plans for the future.  Individual meetings are held with management to discuss their career aspirations, skills and abilities, and to get other information relevant to making your succession plan succeed.  We work with you to tailor an assessment and development program to meet your specific needs.  This process might include the 360 degree review process.

Other steps we might take:

  • Meeting with designated Board members to discuss leadership roles
  • Providing written reports of our findings as we complete each step
  • Conducting interviews with non-management employees as needed
  • Identify gaps between where the staff is now and where they should be
  • Conducting training and/or recommending external support