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Recruiting Services

As one of our clients, your business becomes our business. Because we are familiar with your business culture, we can work with you to develop a job description and determine the position's role within the organization. After analyzing the marketplace, we develop strategic recruiting techniques that will work for you.

Whether it's an electronic approach, targeted networking effort, or approaching someone already identified by you as a person you might be interested in, we assess prospective candidates using phone and/or face-to-face interviews. We consider which candidates' behavioral traits will work best in your culture and how he or she may interface with other key members of your staff and leadership team.

Our services can include everything from finding candidates, to coaching you and your staff on effective interview techniques.  We can assist you in selecting the best candidate, preparing a competitive compensation package and negotiating the deal. We even pinpoint those factors which will trigger candidates to accept your offer.

We apologize in advance because if you are not a current client we can't help you.  We are effective in our recruiting because we know our clients and know what will work for them.