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Policies, Manuals, Handbooks

We don't just write a book, such as an HR Policy Manual or Employee Handbook. SMS works with you from the start to develop policies and procedures that will help shape and support your organization's mission, vision and values. We help to set down your organization's philosophy in black and white, including what you expect from employees on the job and what employees can expect from the organization.

This indispensable document promotes consistent, positive relations with employees by keeping them informed of your employment policies, procedures and expectations. It also helps you comply with federal and state legal requirements. Equally important, it preserves management's decision-making discretion.

If you have union contracts we make sure our policies support and/or clarify the contents of the labor agreements.

Major benefits of having a HR Policy Manual or Employee Handbook include:

  • Ensures that personnel practices comply with regulations
  • Enhances employee communications
  • Explains what you expect from employees and what they can expect from you
  • Helps employees see your organization's policies and procedures as consistent, objective and, above all, fair

Our Approach

We start by learning about your overall human resources philosophy, employee relations goals, present personnel policies, and current situation. In subsequent stages, we review policy options with you to decide which to incorporate in your handbook; prepare a draft in language appropriate for your organization and employees; review it with you and revise it based upon your feedback.   We can even help you present the handbook to employees to promote consistent understanding and application of policies. In the end, you have a formal document which authoritatively defines and communicates your organization's personnel policies and practices, as well as its expectations of employees.