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Performance Management

In today's competitive environment, it's essential to support individual as well as organizational achievement. You must also document and measure performance fairly to justify decisions such as promotions, demotions, transfers and layoffs, meet non-discrimination requirements, and help defend yourself against wage and hour, human rights, and other employee claims.

Major benefits of our Performance Management Programs include:

  • Equates organizational goals to individual job requirements
  • Clearly defines job duties and responsibilities
  • Promotes employee productivity through joint goal setting
  • Improves employee/supervisor communications
  • Holds managers/supervisors accountable for performance
  • Resolves performance problems
  • Addresses employee strengths and improvement areas
  • Reduces legal exposure

SMS Helps Every Step of the Way

SMS can help you develop, implement, and maintain a complete performance management program. Since performance appraisals are logical extensions of job descriptions, we can also review your job descriptions to be sure they accurately reflect what employees actually do and should be doing. If you don't have job descriptions, we can develop them for you.

We approach performance management as a process, not an event. It goes beyond the mere development of appraisal forms. The process first requires employees and managers to agree on what is to be accomplished and how to measure it. Then the process monitors and communicates results--helping employees achieve desired objectives and develop strategies for overcoming performance deficiencies that may be identified.

Elements of a comprehensive performance management process involve: Accurate Job Descriptions, Performance Planning and Goal Setting, Performance Feedback, and Performance Measurement.