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Outplacement Assistance

Whether it is one person or an entire workforce, making the decision to downsize, right size, workforce reduction, restructuring, layoff, or whatever we call it, can be the most difficult decision in any manager's career. We can help in the decision making process. We can help the affected employee(s) once the decision has been made. We can work with you in setting up a system to make those hard choices of who needs to go, and who will stay. Not only do we offer an outsiders viewpoint, we can help to ensure that the choices you make limit your legal liability and reduce the chances of a human rights or other complaints.

We can offer one-on-one counseling, or present our outplacement program to a group of employees. Our program is a simple, realistic approach to finding a job. We don't complicate the process by forcing the employee to take a test in the form of an introspective self-evaluation or participate in an uncomfortable role-playing situation. We talk in plain language, and speak from both local research and the personal experience of being an unemployed job seeker.

We can create a program to fit your needs and the needs of your employees.

Offering outplacement assistance is a way to help "ease the pain" a bit. It shows the employee they are in this transition period through no fault of their own, and that they are cared about, even though they may think otherwise. It shows fellow employees the same. Outplacement services can also assist the employee and give them the tools they need to find a new career in a faster amount of time than they may have been able to do by themselves.