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Hotline Consultation

Expert consultation is as near as your telephone (or your keyboard). Our hotline service allows your managers to have ready access to seasoned  human resources professionals. We routinely respond to calls and emails requesting assistance on matters dealing with employer/employee relations.

Why should you consider our hotline service?

  • Solutions: we offer you options to your HR issues and problems
  • Expertise: experienced human resource executives to provide advice on any and all matters related to HR management
  • Compliance: quick response to legal and or compliance questions
  • Economics: more cost effective than hiring additional staff
  • Response Time: our gold standard is to respond immediately or within 2 to 3 hours, however, and depending on the issue we may do so within 24 hours; resolve urgent problems quickly and efficiently to avoid potential liability
  • Training: a quick up-to-date learning tool for your management team
  • Increase Productivity: reduce Manager's time resolving HR problems; providing more time to focus on business objectives

Companies with limited or no human resources staff are able to respond to situations and employees quickly and authoritatively on all human resource matters because of the partnership and client commitment that is included with our hotline service. We treat your issues and questions as if they were our own and take a vested interest in ensuring you receive the information you need to make informed decisions on how to manage your business and your employees.