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Employee Opinion Surveys

What do employees really think? You may never know unless you ask them. It is management's role to understand the forces of change and then mobilize organizational resources in response.

Current employee attitudes can predict future performance of both the employee and the organization. Attitude and performance converge over time. We will asses the attitudes of managers and employees in a confidential and non-threatening way. Our employee surveys can address specific areas of employee concern or cover much broader areas.

An employee opinion survey includes these major benefits:

  • Allows confidential input from managers and employees
  • Shows the work force that their opinions are important and needed
  • Identifies areas of concern which require attention and offer the greatest opportunity for improvement

We can also conduct exit interviews with employees who have left your organization.  Third party exit interviews historically provide more accurate unbiased data than exit interviews conducted in-house.  Employees feel more comfortable sharing their opinions and we are experts at extracting information that will be meangingful.

Our Approach

Meeting with your senior management, we determine areas for evaluation. Then we develop a survey instrument that meets established criteria. We function as the survey administrator and work with you to determine how the survey will be distributed and collected.  We can work with all electronic surveys or a combination of electronic and hard-copy. We can also conduct one-on-one interviews with selected managers and supervisors, to clarify organization practices and gain more in-depth understanding.  Like everything we do, we can design something that will meet your needs.

Our Delivery

Presentation of the results can include in-person delivery to your management team as well co-presenting the results with you to your employees. We provide you with a written report that displays the results in a format that is easy for you to interpret and use as a road-map for making any identified necessary changes. We can also provide you with a summary to present to employees.