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We love giving referrals! 

We hope our current clients, and others, love being able to do business with trusted sources.  Every referral we list on this page, we have a professional relationship with.  We didn't find them on the Internet.  We have  met every one of the people listed face-to-face, and/or have done business with them.  We know, trust, and value these companies, people, and organizations and give them our stamp of approval.

We do not receive payment for listing/referring anyone or for any business you might do with them.  We do this as a value-added free service because we want our clients and other affiliates to be able to ask us for advice on a variety of topics, and since we don't know it all, we want to be connected with people that can give our clients those answers.

We will be adding/changing referral sources constantly to ensure our information is current, and just as importantly, to ensure you have a choice.  Although we love our referrals, we don't always give exclusives so you can have that choice.  As good as a referral may be, we also realize you need personal chemistry to make it work, so we encourage you to meet with multiple vendors.

The last thing we want to say is that we value  YOUR feedback. If you contact any of our referrals and you are not treated the way you want to be, please let us know.  We will never reveal your name to the referral and will use your feedback to help us evaluate whether or not we still want to list that company/person. 

Thanks for stopping by our referrals page! 


Employee Benefits - Health Insurance and more

KBM Management


Andrew Miller, President x 105,

Brooks Wright, Director of Business Development x 106



Web Services

Modo Media Group


Chris Gmyr, CIO x700



Employment Related

Legal Services

Hancock Estabrook, LLP


Robert C. Whitaker, Jr.




Barclay Damon


Michael J. Sciotti