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Job Opening

  • Author: Kathy Barany

    This position has been filled.  Thank you!

    Since this is my web site, I can use it, and my blog, for whatever I want :)  Right now I choose to use it to post an opening.  Although I sound like a broken record sometimes, I am not a recruiter.  However, I do recruit for special clients.  I do this because I know those clients, and I know their culture, and that is, in my humble opinion, primarily what makes me successful finding them new staff members.

    A special client I have been providing HR consulting services to for several years, has a fantastic opening for an Accounting/Operations Assistant.   I have listed the particulars below.  I would love to fill this position through a referral.  If you are looking, or know of anyone looking, please email me, or have your referral email me,  at  I promise to keep names confidential until we both agree otherwise.  I will also tell interested parties my client’s name, however, don’t want to publish it so as to avoid them getting deluged with inquiries.

     The organization is a casual, yet professional environment

    • Primary responsibilities:
      • Accounts payable and general accounting, including reconciliation/balancing; reporting; tax forms preparation
      • Payroll processing, and other payroll related activities
      • Human resources administrative functions to include processing paperwork, responding to employee questions
      • Operational, including ordering supplies, coordinating general building maintenance, and a variety of administrative/clerical functions
        • Please note:  operational includes occasional physical work.  For example, may have to shovel the front sidewalk so as to be prepared for customers arriving. (Where else can you work and get some exercise too!!)
    • Qualified candidates will have:
      • Associate’s degree in accounting or equivalent experience
      • Minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in accounting, with a concentration on accounts payable and statement reconciliation (and must be very good at it)
      • Minimum of 1-2 years’ payroll experience (an outside payroll company is used; this incumbent is the internal liaison and processor)
      • Above average communications skills with the propensity to give excellent internal customer service
      • Computer skills, including above average spreadsheet ability
      • Able to walk on water and leap tall buildings with a single bound!  Just kidding on this one, but they do need to be able to shovel snow; perhaps change an occasional light bulb; and be willing to be flexible and truly be a team player.
    • Reports to the CFO.
    • Small professional organization – less than 30 employees.  Low turnover.
    • Located in the DeWitt area
    • The position is open due to a long-term employee retiring, so that employee will be there to help train.
    • 35 hour work week; Monday – Friday daytime hours. 
    • Great pay, including annual bonus potential (which has historically been paid out)
    • Complete benefits package, including 401k with an 8% employer match and 10 paid holidays

    It really is an excellent opportunity, working with nice people, and I am very excited to be able to help them hire their next nice (and competent) team member!