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Attendance "Rewards" !!

  • Author: Kathy Barany

    For those of you reading this who are LinkedIn members, you know there are groups you can join where you can share and gather ideas on a variety of topics.  Someone recently posted the following in one of the HR groups I belong to: 

    “I'm interested in finding out what other companies out there do for attendance incentives. We of course have a system for writing up employees when they miss an excessive amount of work, but I'm looking for ideas to reward employees who maintain exceptional attendance.” 

    I debated whether to throw in my two cents, and ended up saying “In my long HR career I have seen and implemented multiple attendance award programs; some have worked and some have not.  Perhaps I have turned jaded in my old age; however, I have a new attitude…since when do we have to reward somebody for doing what they should already be doing?  Showing up for work!” 

    In addition to my comment, there were several others posted, and my comment received some “likes”.   There was no one consensus amongst all the posters; each had their own ideas. 

    I want to continue my tirade by clarifying that I mean rewards that cost a company money are not necessary.   Ever hear the saying “The best things in life are free?”.  Practice that.  I realize that as Ringo (Starr) said, “it don’t come easy”.  The “it” is expressing gratitude for the things that we take for granted; like showing up for work on time, and yes, showing up at all.  Although we expect it, that doesn’t mean we can’t thank people for it, so try it; you might like the results.  Thank your employees for a good day, or a good week, or for accomplishing something they get paid for anyway.  Thanking employees, or even coworkers, doesn’t come natural for everyone.  So as I’ve heard many successful people say “fake it until you make it”.  And remember, positive change won’t come overnight.  When you first start thanking your employees for little things, they will look at you with trepidation and perhaps think you are off your rocker.  Persevere   Persevere Persevere    (in other words, don’t give up easily!!)

    If anyone reading this has any thoughts on the topic, I would welcome hearing them!