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Interview Stories

  • Author: Kathy Barany

    In a recent newsletter I asked my clients and other business associates to share with me their worst interview experience.  I also asked a few of my personal friends who are in the position of conducting job interviews.  Although some said it wasn’t the worst “interview experience”, I got several comments about odd answers to interview questions they asked, so I decided to use some of those also.  Here is what folks told me.  Everyone wanted to remain anonymous, so I respect that. 

    • When an applicant was asked why they left their last job, the response was “because I have a problem taking orders”.  (He wasn’t talking about restaurant orders….)
    • Applicant took out his smartphone and took a picture of me and said he wanted to put me in his contacts.
    • Had on a t-shirt and a pack of cigarettes was rolled in the sleeve (who does that anymore….??)
    • Young man to young (female) interviewer:  If I get hired, will you go out with me?  Or even if I don’t get hired maybe you will.
    • Picked his teeth with his (dirty) fingernails.
    • The receptionist told me she was putting on make-up in the reception area.
    • When asked what her weakness was, the applicant answered “Drinking a bottle of wine every night.”  (no, she wasn’t interviewing for a liquor store)
    • When an applicant was asked why do you want to work here, she said she was a coffee fanatic and understood the company had free coffee all day long.  Another applicant said “I don’t know yet, I guess I’ll decide when we are done with the interview.”

     And my personal favorite, the applicant said “I am going to record this interview; I have a trust issue with HR.” 

    Remember….I can’t make this stuff up……

    If you have any stories you want to share, email me and I will be happy to add them to this blog or put them in a future blog.  Happy interviewing!