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Generating Applicant Flow

  • Author: Kathy Barany

    Gone are the days we put an ad in the Sunday paper and waited for the resumes to roll in.  I recall when I was at Blue Cross Blue Shield in the early 90’s (I know…..I’m dating myself).  I was their employment specialist, responsible for recruiting.   We placed an ad in the Sunday paper for customer service; we received over 500 resumes!  That’s “back in the day” when the Sunday classifieds were big enough to line several bird cage bottoms….not any more.

    So where do we find applicants?  The #1 answer I get is “on line”.  But…where on line?  How on line?  On-line is vast…just ask Al Gore…he invented it.

    Seriously, on line recruiting is the #1 source of applicant flow volume.  Notice I said volume, which means how many…as in numbers of….it has nothing to do with quality of the applicant flow.  In fact, if you ran the numbers, my educated guess is that for an average ad placed, 75% of the applications you receive are not even qualified for an interview.  The remaining 25% gets whittled down to about perhaps 10% that you actually call in for an interview. 

    I could write, and hope to in future blogs, about where to post effective ads on line and how to write an effective ad; however, for this blog I want to remind us that there are two excellent sources of finding good applicants: 

    1. Networking

    2. Headhunting 

    Next blog I will explain effective networking and headhunting techniques.

    Happy applicant hunting!