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  • Paid Family Leave

    Author: Kathy Barany

    New York State Paid Family's coming.  I have mixed emotions about it, both from an individual's standpoint, and viewing it as an HR Consultant.  And then there is the standpoint of a business owner.  Before I give my professional and personal opinion on this, I think it is prudent… Read More

  • Recruiting & Interviewing Speed Bumps and Stop Signs

    Author: Kathy Barany

    In the March newsletter, I put out a request asking for people to share their frustrating recruiting experiences.  I received a variety of stories; some complicated, some simple, some frequently occurring.  I took some of the most commonly occurring stories, and have condensed them here.  I have also added some… Read More

  • Job Opening

    Author: Kathy Barany

    This position has been filled.  Thank you! Since this is my web site, I can use it, and my blog, for whatever I want :)  Right now I choose to use it to post an opening.  Although I sound like a broken record sometimes, I am not a recruiter.  However, I… Read More

  • Attendance "Rewards" !!

    Author: Kathy Barany

    For those of you reading this who are LinkedIn members, you know there are groups you can join where you can share and gather ideas on a variety of topics.  Someone recently posted the following in one of the HR groups I belong to:  “I'm interested in finding out what… Read More

  • Exempt, Non-Exempt, Overtime? Now What?

    Author: Kathy Barany

    For months employers have been preparing to comply with the revised/new federal overtime rule that was scheduled to go into effect December 1, 2016.  November 22nd, just a few business days short of the effective date, an injunction was issued to temporarily halt that new rule.  In plain language, this means that… Read More