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  • First Impressions Do Count

    Author: Kathy Barany

    You only have one chance to make a first impression.  How many times have we heard that?  Yet how many times does an interviewer apply that philosophy?  Sad, but true, interviewers don't think about it.  They sometimes think they are doing the applicants a favor by interviewing them (and yes,… Read More

  • Paid Family Leave

    Author: Kathy Barany

    New York State Paid Family's coming.  I have mixed emotions about it, both from an individual's standpoint, and viewing it as an HR Consultant.  And then there is the standpoint of a business owner.  Before I give my professional and personal opinion on this, I think it is prudent… Read More

  • Recruiting & Interviewing Speed Bumps and Stop Signs

    Author: Kathy Barany

    In the March newsletter, I put out a request asking for people to share their frustrating recruiting experiences.  I received a variety of stories; some complicated, some simple, some frequently occurring.  I took some of the most commonly occurring stories, and have condensed them here.  I have also added some… Read More

  • Job Opening

    Author: Kathy Barany

    This position has been filled.  Thank you! Since this is my web site, I can use it, and my blog, for whatever I want :)  Right now I choose to use it to post an opening.  Although I sound like a broken record sometimes, I am not a recruiter.  However, I… Read More

  • Attendance "Rewards" !!

    Author: Kathy Barany

    For those of you reading this who are LinkedIn members, you know there are groups you can join where you can share and gather ideas on a variety of topics.  Someone recently posted the following in one of the HR groups I belong to:  “I'm interested in finding out what… Read More